Darfur (What Are YOU Doing?)

blame it on Shake January 26, 2008

I woke up today feeling refreshed. Then I realized how lucky I am to just do that. Me and Meka have ran this blog since late October and we’ve gained a decent following (thank you). So … with this post I want to use the audience that we’ve garnered and try and help with awareness on the ongoing genocide in the western region of Sudan (that’s northeastern Africa, for those of you who aren’t big on geography © The Rawg). There’s been over 200k people killed and over 1million people have been displaced from their homes due to all the violence.

I admit I’m NO genius in this area, but I do know the jist of the whole situation and know SOMETHING has to be done. If I could think of more things to do I would (I did a flyer for an event on the crisis, but outside of that I’m unfulfilled in my actions). I was hit with an email from an emcee that goes by the name of Ankh Amen Ra. And he’s in the same boat … wanting to spread the awareness. He recorded this song with that in mind. His current mission is to get some support from the hip hop community to fly over to eastern Chad with a small video crew and shoot a guerilla style video at an actual refugee camp to try for some more awareness and an immediate call to action. Hit him on Myspace if you have any thoughts, etc.

DOWNLOAD: Ankh Amen Ra – Darfur