2008 Grammys Recap

blame it on Shake February 11, 2008

Figured I’d do a quick post about this year’s Grammys. But before that, I’d like to say “thank you, thank you” to the viewers of 2DB. We surpassed 200k views today. Just one short month after we passed the 100k mark. We’re growing pretty fast. Yessir! Now, onto the show … Kanye showed his ass off during his performance of Stronger with Daft Punk! (sidenote: this was their first ever television performance in their 14 year career) and Hey Mama [click here] while Amy Winehouse took a few seconds to get comfortable but then she did her damn thing too [click here]. Nas and his crew came through and made a statement (as shown above). The complete awards list was put up at the plantation. How on earth did Ye or Amy NOT take home “Album of the Year”. Disgusting.