QN5 Music – Baby Blue For Pink EP (Review)

blame it on Shake February 11, 2008

No, this post doesn’t bear any download links (awwww!) rather it’s a chance to plug my review I did over at HipHopDX as well as let ya’ll know of this dope ‘digital only’ EP that the QN5 roster put together for V-Day (available on iTunes, Amazon, etc). Not up on QN5? Dammit, how are living your life!?! Tonedeff, PackFM, CunninLynguists, Substantial, Domingo, etc. These names you should get familiar with, I promise you won’t be let down. Check after the jump for the intro of the review…

On the day that rivals Christmas for holding the highest suicide rate, Valentine’s Day can leave some feeling dreadfully alienated and uncomfortable while forcing them to question their self-worth. All the while this so-called day of romance mirrors the ploys of a cheap marketing scam from big league companies that ambush misguided loved ones into buying lavish gifts for their significant other in fear of undermining their “love”; while others find that February 14th is the perfect time to celebrate love and devotion with their partner.

But why just that one day? Why should one feel obligated because society says so? Who knows. One thing’s for sure is that love, relationships and sex will be on everyone’s mind. And with that, the crafty and insightful group of emcees and producers that make up the exquisite QN5 roster are releasing a six-track ‘digital only’ EP titled Baby Blue For Pink. [read the full review]