The Love Thirst Answers With Jean Grae pt.1

blame it on Shake February 21, 2008

If ya’ll remember, we set up a column with Jean Grae over at the plantation that allowed people to submit sex, love and relationship questions for her to answer. I just put up the first group of answers, a preview is after the jump…

“Hey jean, I’ve been on a search for a relationship for quite sometime. But it seems that nothing good has came across to me. I get to know a girl, hang out and try to get to know them. But it turns out that they only want to be my friend. Nothing else comes after being there friend. I’m always told that I’m attractive, I’m very nice, and that I’m dope to hang out with. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong? I guess what I’m saying…. I get to know a girl and when I go for the kill, they don’t want nothing from but to be my friend. Well I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong?” – juno

“Hi Juno,
Let’s start with not using, ‘go in for the kill.’ I’ve gotten some interesting statements so far, lol… yours included. It sounds like you’re already projecting a self-defeating attitude before you get anything substantial going. Rejection can do a whole lot to fuck up someone’s confidence level, even if you believe like you’re acting as if it isn’t a blow to the ego or the way you’re responding to women. Once again, ‘go in for the kill’ kinda gives your attitude about how you’re proceeding away. Fall back a bit, focus on what it is you want and need in life, your goals and making the best decisions to be a fully rounded completely confident being. Like attracts like and the law of attraction rules. Project that happiness outwards and people will see it. They’ll come to you. the RIGHT ones. You’ll have to beat them off with a stick. But don’t beat them off with a stick. That could land you in jail, and due to the incriminating evidence of this letter, it could be my fault. I don’t want to be imprisoned, Samuel. Please put the stick down. Best of positive thinking to you, hon.” – Jeannie

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