Snoop Dogg – Neva Hafta Wurry (Official Video)

blame it on Shake March 5, 2008


Brand spankin’ new video from the Doggfather. Upon a brief skim of the album, I must say this track might be my favorite (again, despite the Crooked I subliminals). Directed by Rik Cordero, of course. EDIT: The original video was taken off my DM page so I put up Consigliere The Great‘s version. Which is the same video but has clips from Snoop’s career spliced in. It’s an entry for the contest over at UVNTV. In which they are letting people download the video and do what they do. So check it out and let them see what you got. Ego Trippin drops March 11th, are you coppin? EDIT2: Official version is up now, check after the jump for the huge confusion).

DOWNLOAD: Snoop Dogg – Neva Hafta Wurry


Last night the Three/21 Films produced video for Snoop Dogg “Neva Have 2 Worry” was leaked onto the net. Not a big deal, but the YouTube user that leaked it has taken credit for the production for the entire video including the b roll footage used throughout.


VOTE FOR MY VIDEO!!!! So check it out… Snoop Dogg had a video contest on www.uvntv.com for his new music video Neva Have 2 Worry, so you know I, Consigliere The Great had to do it up with a tribute to the big Snoop D-O- Double G. This is some crazy ish, a compilation of cuts from his video and some oldskool joints that I threw together to make this dope compilation vid. Show me some love and leave a comment — Im tryin to win this contest.
Look out for other videos done up by none other than the one and only Consigliere. Im reppin the East but got mad love for the West. If you’re a record label or artist lookin at this and want some work done, make sure and hit me up and I’ll show you how I get down! Don’t ZZzzzzzzzz There’s much more where this came from… And remember – The WORLD IS MINE…

– Consigliere The Great

Three/21 has been blessed to have a strong support system throughout the internet. We’re guerilla, renegade and don’t necessarily play by the rules of filmmaking but we would never pass off another group’s videos as our own. What Consigliere did was discredit the countless hours of time
Three/21 spent scouring videos, DVDs and tapes of Snoop’s entire 15 year career as well as the camaradrie and trust built around creating a video that payed homage to a legend like Snoop Dogg.

Thanks to everyone for watching and the continued support. Peace!