What’s in the Tapedeck v.11 (03.14.08)

blame it on Shake March 15, 2008

So was anyone waiting for the next edition of What’s in the Tapedeck? Well if you were, it’s here bidges! If you’re unaware of what this is about, it’s just a post with a bunch of links to new music. This volume we’ve got some brand new Keith Murray, DMX, Young Chris, a Pete Rock bonus track and another Snoop bonus track. We got some bangers from out west with G Malone, Roccett, Bishop Lamont, Jay Rock, etc. We’ve got a Red Cafe remix with Jadakiss , Fabolous and (Fat Joe/50 Cent). Some new Big Lou and AC. A Glasses Malone remix with Bun B and Lil Weasel. Just check after the jump for some heat…

DMX – Already
Brand new street anthem from DMX. In typical X fashion, you’ve got the one liners with the repeating Already.

Keith Murray – I’ll Go Crazy
An exclusive cut off Keith’s upcoming LP, Intellectual Violance, which drops April 22nd through Legion of Doom Records. 25 tracks Keith are what to expect with cameos from both Redman and Erick Sermon. Def Squuuuad!

Mighty Joseph (Karniege & Vast Aire) – The Dark Ages f. Murs
Dope track off their group project, Empire State (available now). Check them out via MySpace.

Pete Rock – I’m A G
A HipHopSite.com bonus track from Pete Rock’s latest LP, NY’s Finest. What are peoples thoughts on the album? I’m on the fence.

Roccett – Respect My Gangsta
A big shout to my homie DJ Ill Will for shooting this my way. Check out Roccett’s first blog over at DX. Let’s just hope he’s an artist who keeps with it, right Meka?

AC – I Engineer f. The Senate
I’ve posted a few AC tracks before. Since then I’ve received quite a bit of requests for more, so here you go.

AC – She Spitzer Swallow f. Client Nunber 9
More AC, this time calling out Governor Spitzer for his extra-hoe-ricular activities. Phoenix on the beat.

Big Lou – You Ain’t No Gangsta f. Cuban Link
This week’s DXnext artist links up with Cuban Link for a pretty hard track.

Big Lou – Pun’s Clone (Fat Joe Diss)
As if 50 Cent, G-Unit and Papoose weren’t enough. Lou takes aim at the Fat Elephant and shoots some tranquilizers.

Man-u-iLL – 50 Bars (King of CT)
Cool little track from an emcee out of Connecticut. This will be on Man-u-iLL‘s upcoming mixtape, Who’s Man-u-iLL? pt.2.

Young Chris – Need 4 Change (Let’s Do It)
Young C releases a song in support of Obama, produced by Chad Wes. Check out his latest interview over at the plantation.

G Malone – Certified (rmx) f. Bun B, Kam, Akon & Lil Wayne
Glasses drops another remix to his street single, Certified. When my man X passed this to me, I swore up and down that it was a blend. Turns out it’s legit. I still would like an explanation on why the hook wasn’t changed for this. Dah well.

Bishop Lamont f. Mike Anthony
Another shout is in order for Ill Will. This is off the Rap or Die 5 mixtape.

Snoop Dogg – Walk Away (iTunes Bonus)
Wasn’t the 20+ tracks on Ego Trippin enough? I swear if Snoopy would’ve cut this LP and Blue Carpet down 5-6 tracks I would like them that much more.

K.A.R. – 300 Brolic (We Want War) (G-Unit Diss)
Fat Joe’s cronies help out a bit with their own rendition of the Fat Elephant’s 300 Brolic.

Red Cafe – Paper Touchin (rmx) f. Fat Joe, Jadakiss & Fabolous
Red Cafe enlists Fat Joe, Kiss & Loso for the remix to his latest single. Icould do with out Elephant’s verse, but Jada and Fab rip it.

Red Cafe – Paper Touchin (rmx) f. 50 Cent, Jadakiss & Fabolous
Same shit as above, yet someone felt the need to replace Fat Joe with a re-hashed Curtis verse. Don’t ask me why.

Nefew – I Don’t Care f. Torae
I had no clue who these guys were when it was submitted, but Torae is my dude so it went up. And within a week it was the third highest listened track on DX. Nefew must have some illy street team. Damn.

Guerilla Black – Get Low f. California Cush
Another track off that Rap or Die 5 mixtape. Shouts to DJ Ill Will (again!) I’ve always though Black had some nice tracks under his belt but there is no way he’s gonna blow. The voice is WAY too similar to Biggie. Anyone remember Angelous? Dude was nice with it, but it was Hov Jr. all the way.