The Almighty Tanya Morgan (A3C)

blame it on Shake March 25, 2008

As I alluded to earlier with this post, here are some shots from Tanya Morgan’s set at this years A3C Festival. This was actually the only set that I stayed the whole time for and I have to say I’m happy I did. These guys can perform! Despite the overall crowd being drawn between them or the Re-Up Gang on another stage; TM showed the ones that stayed what real emcees do.

I hate when rappers just stand there. I mean, you might as well put the mic in the stand and sit on a stool and sing ballads you effin r&b bitches. Nope, Donwill was “walking your way” while Ilyas‘ presence and charisma were dope as shit and Von Pea was off the stage spitten’ to cameras and ladies. Add Supastition and Torae to the mix for Shake It Off, 88-Keys and Don giving their best Temptations impression and Che Grand; you’ve got yourself a great show. Thanks for the experience guys! Von don’t forget that EP! Check the shots (from my weak Kodak) after the jump…


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