Mek Dot’s JukeBox

blame it on Meka April 7, 2008

Oh, you mad cuz I’m stylin’ on you?

The Soul Mix Show will return to its regularly scheduled programming tomorrow, but I wanted to try this new thing out where I’ll toss up a quick burst mix of a few songs that gets me through my dark days and bright nights. Yay or nay? You be the final verdict.

City Haze – Brooklyn Streets f. Young O.

  • I really don’t do the “check my MySpace music” deal much, but I actually dig the sample used.

Blu & Exile – Dancing In The Rain

  • My favorite song of 2007.

Lost Boyz – The Yearn

  • Vintage LB Fam x vintage Pete Rock backdrop = winner.

Joe Budden – Boy Looka Here Freestyle

  • Now if only i can get into his music like all the other stans…

Re-Up Gang – Dey Know Yayo

  • Pusha T > your favorite rapper.

DJ Jazzy Jeff – Practice f. J-Live

  • The best use of Allen Iverson in a rap song… unlike that one he dropped a long time ago calling all kinds of people fruits.

DJ Honda – Travellin’ Man f. Mos Def

  • One day I hope to go to Japan myself. Ichiban!

Ramon Morris – Don’t Ask Me

  • Provides the horns for my favorite Big Pun song ever.

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