R.I.P. Proof (Oct02, 1973 – Apr11, 2006)

blame it on Shake April 11, 2008


It’s been 2 years since the D-12 emcee lost his life over some bullshit. I hate this world sometimes. About 2 months ago I got the honor to meet Proof’s mother. At a Strong Arm Steady video shoot of all places. I was wearing my fallen soldiers shirt (it has the last names of all the fallen rappers in the game). She grabbed my hand and pointed at Holton “that’s me” I was confused and just smiled. Then she asked if I knew who it was. It’s Proof of course. “Yes that’s me, I’m Proof’s mother.” As short as that was, it was touching and something I’ll remember for life. Rest in peace Deshaun Holton.

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