Shake’s (2)Dope vs (un)Dope Trip to Cali

blame it on Shake April 15, 2008

3.99/gallon gas = (un)Dope

I’m not sure if there are many people interested in the life of this dopeboy, but I promised I’d break down the lovely weekend that just surpassed. As most of you know I spent the weekend in Southern Cali. So sit back and enjoy the trip…

Leaving the homestead while the kid has no idea what’s going on = (un)Dope

Getting to CA in time to watch the Lakers stomp the Clips = (2)Dope

Vibing to the voice of some random chick from Paris at a Jazz Club = (2)Dope

Checking out my man Tunji do his thing, and do it damn good = (2)Dope

Waking up at Meka’s (pause) to watch LA snag another W = (2)Dope

Hitting up Crooked I’s studio for an hour long video interview = (2)Dope

Hearing upcoming shit from Crook as well as the single to his album = (2)Dope

Leaving the studio with a fresh COB t-shirt = (2)Dope

Living off fast food for 3-4 days = (un)Dope

Meeting up with U-N-I = (2)Dope
Missing their performance with PacDiv = (un)Dope
Seeing 9th Wonder = (2)Dope

The amazing pool on the roof of The Standard hotel in download LA = (2)Dope

Waterbed sections at the same hotel roof = (2)Dope

Again, the amazing shit on the roof of The Standard hotel = (2)Dope

The view from the roof = (2)Dope

Chillin at RO Blvd‘s and listening to the upcoming U-N-I project = (2)Dope
[Meka will be posting more about this dude soon, maybe]

Partying in Hermosa Beach with U-N-I = (2)Dope

Not to mention, plenty of these bitches = (2)Dope

Again, watching the Lakers knock out the bums in SA = (2)Dope

Ri-donk-u-lous gas prices in Baker = (un)Dope