Meka’s (2)Dope vs (un)Dope Pete Rock Guitar Center Session

blame it on Meka April 21, 2008

So April has pretty much been a busy month for me, and this past Sunday was no different as I made the trek to the Guitar Center in Hollywood to catch “an evening of dialogue and” insight with the one and only Chocolate Boy Wonder and a variety of other special guests. If you know me, you’ll know that something wild random will always happen to me, and this was no exception. As my Alumnah brethren would say, walk wit’ me…

Trainspotting because gas is too expensive = (un)Dope

Gold Dunks on my feet makes my cypher complete = (2)Dope

Swacked Roots album = (2)Dope

Having Making your own star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame = (2)Dope

Overshooting the Guitar Center by two miles and having to walk it = (un)Dope

Jumping the bus to get the rest of the way = (un)Dope

Getting stuck waaaaaaay in the back of the line = (un)Dope

Free Vitamin Water = (2)Dope

Messing with the equipment at the store = (2)Dope

Pete Rock speaking to the crowd = (2)Dope

9th Wonder and Just Blaze giving their insight = (2)Dope

Running into Jay Electronica and getting an autograph = (2)Dope

Copping a pair of sneaks that would give you the clap = (un)Dope

Scientology = (un)Dope

Wackiness in Hollywood = (un)Dope

Getting some of my favorite artists in hip-hop to autograph a vinyl of my favorite Pete Rock song = (2)Dope

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