Mikey Rocks (The Cool Kids) Responds to Diss

blame it on Shake April 24, 2008

Two posts in a row about The Cool Kids? Yep, deal with it! Yesterday I dropped a track from Mazzi that was “not a diss song” towards Jay Electronica and The Cool Kids. Now URB catches up with Mikey via AIM to gets his thoughts on the record. Nope, he didn’t drop a diss track. Sorry to stomp on your hopes. Check after the jump for the conversation. Shouts again to Brandon Perkins at URB for getting a response so quickly!

urb: sure….what up mikey?
mikey rocks: he knew “get busy”! nobody knows “get busy” lol

urb: so this dude obviously has a serious recollection of your catalog?
mikey: yea thats pretty cool I think hes a hardcore fan

urb: it seems like you guys are poster kids for this “hipster rap” backlash….
mikey: fuck that shit

urb: there’s gotta be a reason dude went at ya’ll though….
mikey: next [question]….lol. we knew he was gonna mention the pants

urb: so you’ve never met this dude? he’s just offended by your internet repertoire?
mikey: nah never or heard of him…we think its funny that its all on [me] tho, really the diss is on [me], not with chuck

urb: anything else you want to add?
mikey: dude looks like jason kidd. that about it. i’ll send him a copy of the album when it drops on Neveruary 32…that was funny