2Dope to Sleep On: Black EL & Grynch

blame it on Shake April 25, 2008

Meka and I started this blog off with one intention… spread good music. I normally would try to give each artist their own post but I’m pressed for time (going to see Death Cab for Cutie and Tegan & Sara tonight). Plus, this might actually prove better for the artist. If I made a single post for each, if people didn’t know them they might skip. But this way you guys are forced to atleast look haha. So just because I combined these artists into one post doesn’t take away from them talent wise. They are all dope imo. So check after the jump for a small break down of each and a few sample songs…

Black ELement (Massachusetts)
I’ve been trading emails with dude for a few days and he’s legit. Mass. seems to be pumping out great emcee’s as of late right? Gearing up to release a free album online (A Major Minority) in a few months he shot me a couple tracks. I took a listen and was pleasantly surprised at the quality of them. Good hip hop people, it’s still alive dammit! He asked to hold off on a track entitled Human (which is just … dope) and said I could unleash Can’t Call It. And that’s exactly what I will do.

DOWNLOAD: Black ELement – Can’t Call It

Greg, a daily 2DB viewer, sent a few tracks from an artist making noise in the Northwest. Readying a 7-track EP for this Summer with guestspots from Geologic (Blue Scholars) and Inverse. I admit I was skeptic (like usual, you gotta understand I get tons of “next best thing” emails) until I saw Inverse. Tunji is my dude and i have faith he works with artists he respects. So I checked out the songs and yep… good shit. These are off his sophomore album, My Second Wind.

DOWNLOAD: Grynch – That’s Hip Hop
DOWNLOAD: Grynch – If Only
DOWNLOAD: Grynch – Peer Pressure