Sean Bell: Will We Do More Than Talk?

blame it on Shake April 30, 2008

As everyone should already know, the verdict came in for the Sean Bell case a few days ago. Two men wounded, one man dead and three innocent police let off the hook. I never spoke on my thoughts because there’s not much else to say that hasn’t already been done. Numerous blogs to songs have surfaced since the not guilty verdict was announced. While I think it’s needed, as each artist can have a different set of fans and the message will reach a broader audience. I’m saddened though as I feel that some artists will just use the injustice as a stepping stone for their “buzz”. I know a lot of artists are sincere but I also feel there are some that aren’t. This goes for politicians and people with a status higher than the average civilian. I won’t name names though, that’s not my place.

I hope after the songs and after the rants on blogs (mine included) that more will be done. I understand people’s pain and anger and hope it doesn’t result in violence towards police or anyone. I’d rather see progress in fixing this. I have no solutions but there is more than songs & write ups that can be done! I know awareness is key, so I’m working with my man Narada on a tee shirt in memory of Sean Bell, Timothy Stansbury, Patrick Dorismond and Amadou Diallo. If you aren’t familiar with any of these names, I suggest you put wiki to use. I don’t have intentions on selling them, but shipping might be asked from anyone who wants them (I’ll post pictures when we get them printed). Things like this may be trivial to some, but the smallest thing can spark curiosity in someone who in turn will talk to another, so on and so on. So I ask that people don’t stay quiet on this matter. Please speak up and announce your thoughts.

After the jump, I’ve posted a collection of the videos and songs that I’ve come across that are in relation to Sean Bell and police brutality…


Artist’s thoughts…



Trama – Fuck Da Police f. Muja Messiah


The Game Speaks on the Sean Bell Verdict


Donny Goines


Jasiri X – Enough is Enough


David Banner with The Roots on Sirius Radio


Nas, Talib Kweli, Mos Def & Jeff Johnson on Sean Bell Verdict




*If there are any songs, blogs, videos, etc that I missed please drop a comment and I’ll edit the post. Shake out.