Mazzi – Lesson B (Operation Flip) f. Q-Tip (Video)

blame it on Shake May 5, 2008


Mazzi of the S.O.U.L. Purpose Crew speaks on the recent “diss” record towards Jay Electronica & The Cool Kids. It was an experiment aka there was no beef, etc. I feel stooped haha. But big ups to Mazzi for conducting this. I’m glad to see there wasn’t anything real. That would explain the there isn’t any reason for him to diss, diss haha. Good work Mazzi, I tip my keyboard off to you. He even grabs Q-Tip to discuss his thoughts on the hipster rap scene and more. I fully agree with the statement that a lot of people out there gravitate towards beef in hip hop rather than just having great music. You know Shake covers everything. If anyone sends good music, I’ll post it. At the end of the video they list a dope line up of artists under the radar, do yourself a favor and google them! Check after the jump for a write up from Mazzi, courtesy of Young Sav.

S.O.U.L. Purpose Press Release
OPERATION F.L.I.P. (Finding Lessons In Practice) = Lesson A + Lesson B

First & foremost, I would like to thank everyone who participated in this experiment. When I first put it together, I did not know how it would exactly unfold but I had an idea that everybody’s response would be similar to what it was… Safe to say I did extensive homework… I didn’t go in this blindly… I addressed certain problems, came up with solutions, plotted strategy for a timely unveiling, then anticipated how the reaction & result would be… Not easy… Hope the overall message translates…

THE COOL KIDS: I hope ya’ll understand that above all, your success qualified you guys to be in this experiment. I wish ya’ll the best… Mikey, you were a good sport…& you’re the 100th person to say I look like Jason Kidd! Funny shit… PEACE

JAY ELECTRONICA: Your success aswell made you a prime candidate for this experiment… I wish you the best too… I read somewhere that the profits from your album are going to charity… S.O.U.L. Purpose has, is, & always will be charity based so I commend you for that! PEACE

ERYKAH BADU: You were thrown in that mix for the shock factor… I had to be convincing… I meant no disrespect… I actually had the pleasure of rocking with you at The Nuyorican Poet’s Cafe years ago & we vibed very well… One love… PEACE

MEDIA: Big up to real journalists who report & inform & stay away from bullshit propaganda! Peace to Miss Info, Wreckless, Eskay, Low Key, Steve Raze, Grouchy Greg, Mike, Synapse, Brian, Wonder Twinz, Fubz, Thomas, Emily, Killa Hill, Kid Kaos, Cros1, PEACE Mag., Mick Boogie, Roslynn, & all others who truly take their media craft seriously!

INTERNET NERDS/SCREEN BANGERS/COMPUTER GANGSTERS: It’s obvious that the net is part of our everyday routine… It’s essential! But attempt to escape your virtual reality once in a while… Get out more & live life! There’s Hip Hop to be discovered! Pay attention to the experiment:
Operation F.L.I.P. (Finding Lessons In Practice)=LessonA+LessonB

BANDWAGON TRENDY HIPSTER HOPPERS: Respect the architects, pay dues, research, & learn about what you’re doing… We are ALL students of this culture! Preservation is key! Each one teach one, reach one another… Pay attention to the experiment:
Operation F.L.I.P. (Finding Lessons In Practice)=LessonA+LessonB

HATERS: I love you guys!

RACISTS: You guys are primitive beings… Sad & pathetic…