Small Eyez – Do The Bright Thing

blame it on Shake May 5, 2008

Just got back from my little bro’s bday bash at this skate park (dude can get down on a board, I’m impressed). Just turned on my Laker game (that was recorded, so I can fast forward commercials haha). Now onto the post. I met this dude during the A3C Festival in ATL a month back and I have nothing but good words to say about him. Originally thinking he just ran a blog Che Sing the Cool to later find out he rhymed as well. I dig it! Here is a new joint he sent the other day dedicated to SeanDialloThomasEleanorTimothyEveryManWomanAndChild. Over some hi-jacked 9th Wonder production. Lyrics after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: Small Eyez – Do the Bright Thing

Kill A Man Where He Stands So its No Future/
Conceived it All in Advance So its No Flukes But/
Back Track To The Night before, When Life Was Pure/
He’s Staring At his Wife like Girl I Can’t Wait Til 2morrow!/
Or The Next Day, Til We Both Get Grey/
Ok, Flash Forward, Move Fast Toward, As The Blast For/
A Bullet Soars Thru More Than Flesh of Just One Man/
It’s That Brother on the Block Wit A Sun Man/
Its That Mother on The Clock Getting Funds Fam/
It’s That child Wit A Dream to Be Bigger Than What Anyone Conceives/
Closing His Eyez Just Hoping That He Never Bleeds/
Trapped in A Country Infested wit Disease/
Plaguing The Mind, Inherited Never To Leave
It’s Inevitably, The Undoing of The Unjust/
Never Need To Draw Heat, Cuz I Sun Trust/
They Gon Bust Til They Aint Got The Power Too/
I Hope The Words That I Spit Will Empower/
Don’t Let The Anger In Your Heart, It Devours You/
If Amadou The Bright Thing Like Diallo/
The Voice of The Truth Speaking Thru Them Drums Thats Hollow/
Radio Raheem Say Scream On Em!, Sean Bell Say Gleam On Em!, Pac Say King On Em!/
Turn Up The Light & Let The Beat Beam On/
Let The Heat Steam On!/

-Small Eyez