YN & 2DB Present: Hard Body Female Spit v.4 (Compilation)

blame it on Meka May 5, 2008

By: Elliott Wilson

Here I go. Cuatro, niggas. Four weeks strong. And this time HipHopDX’s runaway Shake and his partner, the grand wizard Meka, are doin’ the honors. Yeah that PSA I cut a few weeks ago was no BS. This site has been the top destination in breaking new rap music in the ’08. Yeah I said it! Believe me, I ain’t got no job so I’ve been keepin’ track and watching. I know. Ha!

So it’s that time again. Super director John Singleton guests on tonight’s episode of ego trip’s Miss Rap Supreme and YN and 2DB present Hard Body Female Spit v.4. What more could you ask for on a muthafuckin’ Monday? So grab a cup of Joe, text your hoe (that’s male or female—do you) and let ‘em know: Watch VH1 tonight at 10 and the ex-EIC is all over the Internet again.

Snoop Dogg – G-Funk Intro f. Lady of Rage
YN: That’s right, Ms. Afro Puffs set off the classic LP.
Meka: I still think she can kick my ass in an arm-wrestling contest to this day.

Yo-Yo – IBWin’ Wit My Crewin’
YN: Gotta stay postin’ my co-host!
Shake: I KNEW that’s why you included this YN. Always schemin’ haha!

Oaktown’s 357 – Juicy Gotcha Crazy
YN: Hammertime 4 Life! I’m married to the ‘Town.
Meka: Stanley had some hella freaky holy rollers back in the day.

L’Trimm – We Like The Cars That Go Boom
YN: Not gonna tell you what I used to do when this video came on.
Shake: I got em mixed up, but names weren’t important. I’m with you. Grab It!

A Tribe Called Quest – Rumble In The Jungle f. The Fugees, Busta Rhymes & Jon Forté
YN: Even Ali knows L-Boogz was the greatest. Tsk, tsk.
Shake: Even though it looks like she was Ali’s opponent in the ring above, we still love you Boogie!

Jungle Brothers – Doin’ Our Own Dang f. Monie Love
YN: Monie Love astounds in the middle of this posse cut.
Shake: Isn’t Monie’s last name Wilson? Is there something your not telling me Elliott?

Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek – Down for the Count f. Rah Digga & Xzibit
YN: Young Zee’s boo always comes correct on a guest spot.
Shake: When me and Digga had lunch, she was wearing a mini-skirt with tights. True story.

The Roots -Proceed III (rmx) f. Bahamadia
YN: This Philadelphia philly was pretty good. Word to LD!
Meka: Bahamadia: one part Angela Davis, one part Baron Davis.

Lil Kim – Queen Bitch
YN: Yeah Big wrote it but she nailed it.
Meka: [||] to this entire song now.

Charli Baltimore – Everybody Wanna Know
YN: Preemo to the rescue!
Meka: When slores gives you lemons, you get Premier to paint that shit gold.

Pharoahe Monch – The Ass f. Apani
YN: Cover your ears kids.
Meka: The B. Fly Emcee’s verse put a little bass in my voice after I heard this.

Webbie – Bad Bitch (rmx) f. Trina
Meka: This song gave me an ear infection.
YN: Ditto.

Talib Kweli – Say Something f. Jean Grae
YN: Is ole girl still “retired”?
Shake: I’ll cry if it’s true. Jean Grae is a beast with boobies.

Digable Planets – Nickel Bags
YN: Lady Bug before the weight loss.
Shake: I was hit up approached by a straggler about a show she was having out here. I rolled my window up and drove away. I didn’t believe him.

The Firm – Affirmative Action
YN: Fox’s infamous math problem.
Meka: I listened to Inga right before I took my SAT test… and ended up at a Pizza Hut for two years.

Prodigy – Trials of Love f. B.K.
YN: Thug lovin’. No Bobby Brown.
Shake: I wonder what’s going on through wifey’s head now that Penetrated P is on lock down.

Oh yeah: Still got ends and still makin’ friends. Reach out and touch the Great One!

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