TI$A – Vote Obama (Video)

blame it on Meka May 7, 2008


The front man to Sa-Ra Creative Partners drops his debut solo single endorsing Barack Obama. Shouts to WIlly Swagger for supplying the audio as well [1].

DOWNLOAD: TI$A – Vote Obama

[1] I don’t really speak much here since my other half does it so well next door, but after bearing witness to the unfurling madness that has been the Democratic primaries, I just wanted to say that all the mud-slinging, racist pastors, crying, exposed taxes and other sorts of political mudslinging is essentially making a Republican candidate with a temper that’s shorter than our current Vice President look more ideal by the day to the rest of this country. I just hope that whomever comes out on top of this can save enough face to pull of what could possibly be a major upset.