A Preview to Detox?

blame it on Shake May 8, 2008

I got this wild email today about Dr. Dre and Detox. Check after the jump for the run down of this song. Basically what you are listening to is supposed to be the upcoming buzz single to Detox. It’s not finished as it actually has an emcee named Prophet rhyming the parts. The production is by WallStreet and Dr. Dre. So take it as a song that might be on Detox… Dre will be rapping though, this is for Dre so he can learn the song, flow, etc. This is what you call behind the scenes shit haha.

DOWNLOAD: Prophet (Dr. Dre) – It’s Like That (prod. Dr. Dre & WallStreet)

Recently, I received some records submitted for Detox which were written by an artist by the name of Prophet. We didn’t end up keeping any of them but Dre liked his style of writing and the production so he wanted me to fly him and the producer WallStreet out. Once they arrived everyone got acquainted and started working. WallStreet pulled up a sample and started crafting the drums as Prophet who funny enough is a reggae/hiphop artist started writing the rap. The chemistry in the room was amazing. Dre walked in and heard the track and the first thing he said was we need to replay the sample and we’ll have a buzz single for Detox. Dre got on the boards and started to get more involved with the production. He started to EQ WallStreet’s drums making them sound 10 times bigger. He had the guitar and strings played over and the finish product of the track was CLASSIC Dre. Prophet continued to write the record and then laid his vocals to the record so Dre could learn the song. I expect Dre to lay his vocals down in the next day or so. It will be extremely hard if not impossible to get the song because no one has access to the files once Dre records to it. For now, all I have is the version with Prophet’s vocals on it.

Of course I left out a few paragraphs to keep dudes identity clear. Take it for what it’s worth. It could be all bullshit for what I know, but who knows. The song would be hot if Dre would drop some vocals though. Let’s see what happens…