El Prez & DJ Slap: The Broke Million $ Man (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka May 9, 2008

* hands in late pass *

Shamelessly swacked from Santo Angelo’s shop, here is a collection of tracks from Inglewood’s El Prez’. Track-listing under the jump…

1. The Prezident Speaks
2. DJ Slapahoe! Million Dollar Intro
3. Broke Million $ Freestyle
4. So EZ
5. All Around The World
6. Flip Cheese f. The Cheap$kate$
7. Killafornia- Da Rizzle f. El Prez
8. DJ Slapahoe Dead Prezidents Freestyle
9. Uaintuponthis! f. U-N-I
10. Spotlite- Empire f. Yung Cyph
11. Teddy P- Empire f. Yung Cyph & T Costa
12. B.I.G. Dangerous (DJ Slapahoe exclusive)
13. Dilla Wyld Freestyle
14. Empire Strikes Back Freestyle
15. Doin’ The Most f. Yung Cyph
16. That’s Right (DJ Slapahoe Exclusive)
17. Player Freestyle
18. EMPIRE Grindin’ Freestyle
19. Fuk Wit Us ft Yung Cyph
20. Mortal Kombat- The V.A.T.T.I.C.A.N.(El Prez and T Costa) f. Chuck Crazy
21. Let ‘Em Know
22. Clear Day f. Yung Cyph
23. M.O.N.E.Y. f. Dale Danja (DJ Slapahoe Exclusive)
24. The Red Freestyle
25. All About The Prezidentz Freestyle f. Supahstar KG
26. Imaginary Rappers
27. My Peoples f. Yung Cyph (DJ Slapahoe Exclusive)
28. Radio (Ah f. The Cheap$kate$)
29. That Ain’t Me
30. Tired Of That f. Dale Danja (DJ Slapahoe World Premier)
31. The 10 Weed Commandments
32. Hard Work(DJ Slapahoe exclusive)
33. Bonus Track: Up Against The Great Wall – The V.A.T.T.I.C.A.N. (El Prez and T Costa)
34. Outro

DOWNLOAD: El Prez: The Broke Million $ Man (Mixed by DJ Slap)