Celtics vs Cavs x Lakers vs Jazz (Video)

blame it on Shake May 16, 2008


Well I went 50% on my picks during both Game 5’s. So I gotta step my game up this time around haha. The absence of Gibson is gonna hurt the Cavs. Bron is gonna have one less person to pass out to for a perimeter shot. And I’m still waiting for Jesus Shuttlesworth to step up. What the fuck happened with him? 34% is not gonna cut it. I still think the road drama is gonna continue and Clev. will come out with a W. Sorry Boston, you gotta win outside your homecourt be considered a contender. Speaking of winning on the road. Farmar and the supporting cast gotta step it up if they wanna take Utah out tonight. If they brush up on their mishaps from last game I think they can wrap it up. Gonna be tough regardless. What are your thoughts ya’ll?