Saturday Night Sexy: Battle of the Eva(s)

blame it on Shake June 1, 2008

Yes, I’m aware that the 2dopeboyz URL is still down. I’m glad a few of you have found ways around that issue and are still checking the site. I’m annoyed as hell but still working strong on a few things. If nothing comes to show by tomorrow morning we’ll just have to say fuck it and leave 2DB on the free wordpress server for now. *sigh… anyways I said we’d still be updating at times and it’s time for some Saturday Night Sexy’ness. I just got done watching We Own the Night so Ms. Mendes jumped out as the possible feature. We just posted a recent magazine spread so I felt she needed contrast. Who would you choose? Eva Mendes or Eva Longoria? The choice is yours my dopeboy and dopegirl grasshoppers. Hit the jump for a slew of shots.