A Day in the Life of Shake

blame it on Shake June 9, 2008

As I get ready to sit back and watch Game2 of the NBA Finals I wanted to drop some insight on yesterday’s festivities. The day starts off with a trip to the Red Rock Casino to meet up with my man Dre (EIC at HipHopDX) and New Music Cartel fam Lowkey (who was down for the weekend on some BET business). We start off with a pretty intimate listening session and conversation with Nelly and his new album, Brass Knuckles. Akon and JD came through as well. The album is what you’d expect from Nelly imo. It’s more hyped this time around though. And what’s this about a possible Nelly x Akon x Pharrell album? Hmm, you’ll have to wait and see. I’m sure Low will be posting a wrap up with pictures that he took with his mini M&M later.

After that we had some time to kill so why not go down stairs to the theater and watch Don’t Mess With the Zohan!? That.shit.was.hilarious! Wow, I was falling out every 2 minutes. Great shit Mr. Sandler. Still time left to spend so we (Shake, Low and T) hit up the Roulette Table (or Russian Roulette right Low? Ha!). We all bought in with $40, all atleast doubled and all lost everything. It was worth it though, as it took an hour or so off the clock and the cocktail waitress was feeding us free liquor. Now it’s time for the show…

We hit this VIP concert where Nelly performs the album, along with some of his previous hits. Paul Wall, Akon, St. Lunatics all make appearances. Best part about that was, you guessed it… more free alcohol! Add to the fact that we ran into Elliot Wilson! What up YN!? We chopped it up, good times. At this time I’m pretty fuckin gone. Yes, yes I am. What next? How about we head to Cherry Night Club to help celebrate Allen Iverson’s birthday? Sounds good. Let’s go…

We get to the club and see a HUGE line. We don’t play that. We show are bands and skip the nonsense. Once inside we’re engulfed in loud music, flashing lights and drunk & hot girls (c) Kanye. No more drinks for the Shake as I’m dr. unk and enjoying myself. Let’s see, who made their way to party? Nelly, Akon, JD, Carmello Anthony (and LaLa), Allen Iverson, Dr. J (yes, Julias Erving!) and more. I must say… Kanye’s Lollipop (rmx) verse was very entertaining while drowned in Corona’s and hopping around like a gremlin (or Lil Wayne, whatever). Same goes for his verse on Put On. Despite a 5 minute power shut down (complete darkness!) and 15 minutes of bad sound quality, I had a fuckin blast! Not sure about anyone else (nor do I care) but myself and Low we’re showin LV how we get down [II]. Yep, life as a blogger sucks. Hahaha!

UPDATE: I forgot to add the best [note: SARCASM] part. While driving home (at 4:30am) my Jeep overheats and dies on me 3 miles out from my apt. Phone’s dead and I’m forced to walk. I walk 2 miles (tired and buzzed) only to be picked up by a firetruck for the last mile. Go back to hopefully start Jeep and get it home today only to realize I blew my head gasket and cracked my block. AKA Big Red is finshed. Shake has no transportation until he gets a new car. *sigh.