Bishop Lamont vs DJ Strong (Video)

blame it on Shake June 9, 2008


Dammit. I posted this yesterday when my man DJ Warrior sent it through but it’s gone now? WTF? That shit was live and good, checked today and boom. No more. Whatever though. So as I updated in the Confessional bootleg post, DJ Strong pulled a beeyotch move and leaked the tape with his drops over it pre-maturely. Bishop, Taje and more aren’t too happy as they roll up on Strong in the video above. Damn at you’re chick having far more heart than you dude. You lost. Also check the statement from Diocese (Bishop Lamont’s label) about the leakage and what to expect.

“The version of ‘The Confessional’ that leaked onto the internet is an incomplete project with an incomplete tracklisting. DJ Strong was told specifically that he could not be a part of this project, and then, to spite us, he released it online anyway with his DJ tags all over it. We are not supporting this version of the project. We’re asking the fans to wait until either Whoo Kid’s official version or the untagged version leaks so that they can enjoy the full experience of this project that we’ve worked so hard on. On Monday, Whoo Kid’s version will drop on thisis50.com 2dopeboyz.com for free. On Tuesday, we will follow with the official untagged Bishop Lamont special edition.”

Also, hit the jump for a statement released by the homie DJ Warrior.

“Brian Bradshaw [DJ Strong] was a business partner of mine until March 2007. He has stolen money from the company, and also hasn’t paid back owed money. He gave my brand, Hip-Hop West, a bad name, after I put this guy in the game. He’s been illegally using the Hip-Hop West name to make money for a while…and bootlegging mine and other DJs’ CDs such as DJ Vlad, from back in the day.

I was told by other dudes that he has a bad attitude and steals from people. It was becoming too crazy, to where I didn’t want him to hurt the Cali Untouchables brand. DJ Strong is not a part of the Cali Untouchable DJs, and/or associated with the Cali Untouchables brand, period. He’s a total crazy guy who has no love for hip hop, or the music industry. He just wants make money, he don’t stand for nothing, and he’s always biting other people.

There’s so many people out there that don’t want to deal with him or do business with him. He sells the Bishop Lamont Unauthorized CD, puts his name on it after he was told not to, and sells the master to over 10 bootleggers for few hundred dollars each. The New West has banned this guy from hip-hop.

Earlier this year, this guy wanted to be a cop because all the financial problems and some of the back pay he had paid me, after I found out he was stealing money from the company. This guy is worse than Empire, who illegally put the Lil Wayne CD out. This guy is a disgrace to hip hop. This is another major reason why hip-hop is hurting a little.”