2 Million Served x (2)Dope Mixtape?

blame it on Meka June 10, 2008

SHAKE: Damn. It took us a short 6 months to hit that first millie now we’re already at 2million in just over a month later! Talk about a humbling experience. As much as I believe in 2DB I didn’t expect it to catch on (this fast). Big shouts to the whole New Music Cartel, big things are brewin’. I’m hyped for things in the future. Now all we gotta do is get this damn server issue settled! See ya’ll at 5 million (which is when I think we can make another post and not over do it haha). Thanks a bunch to everyone who stops by and shoots the shit in the comments (and those who don’t). It’s appreciated. What you got Meka?

MEKA: What’s crazy about all of this is that I wake up every day not expecting much, and am continually blessed by the success of the site. It’s an honor to have so many people visit us every day, and I’m humbly appreciative of everything. We’re going to continue to bring everyone what we – two unbiased, unfettered and focused individuals from this side of the Pacific Ocean – feel that music fans from all over can appreciate and feel, and with the NMC hope to bring forth a change (no Obama) in this music shit. Roll with the winners.

A (2)Dope Mixtape? Yes, you read it right! Shake and myself are in the process of putting together our very first mixtape and we’ve decided that we’re going to showcase some of the dopest acts from the West. But we’re going to need some help, and this is where any and every aspiring Left Coast spitkicker, crate digger and crew member comes in. On top of our own personal choices, we’re also looking for submissions from you guys. We’re pretty sure there’s more to the West Coast than khakis and greenery raps, so here’s your perfect chance to display that to a widespread audience. So, if anybody feels they’re the hot shit or knows anybody who thinks they’re the hot shit, hit Shake and myself on our cyber-hips (read: the emails) by next Friday, June 20th. more details to come.