What’s in the Tapedeck v.18 (Side A)

blame it on Shake June 10, 2008

Ouch, it’s been a whole month since I last dropped a What’s in the Tapedeck on ya’ll. It’s definitely not because there isn’t material out there as I have about 100 tracks I wanna upload (mind you some have been on the internets already but I didn’t wanna leave them out). That’s why v.18 will be dropped in 4 sides. Most likely all done today (if not by tomorrow for sure). Side A consists of some heaters from 88-Keys, Immortal Technique, Donny Goines & Red Cafe. Some Ja Rule tracks, a few Black ELement joints, a new joint by Dru Hill, Jae Millz first drop since signing with Young Money, Cam’ron resurfaces, an instrumental off Tha Carter III by Kanye West, an unrelease Gemstones & Lupe Fiasco cut. What else? Kurupt rips Nas’ Made U Look apart, John Legend teams up with Andre 3000, the Hot boys reunite (without Turk). Vegas’ own SeDrew Price drops another banger. Steve-O & Kool G Rap? And much more, so hit the jump and enjoy!

  • Kanye West – Let the Beat Build [Instrumental]
    This production if on fire and I don’t mind the track itself but I feel that Wayne could’ve come a lot harder. Maybe another emcee will take a crack at it and show him how it’s done *cough* HOV *cough*
  • John Legend – f. Andre 3000 [Snippet]
    I know I might have tricked a few people with the mention of this above but I never got around to posting this. I really really really want the full version to this. Damn!
  • Black ELement – Ama Tell It Like It Is (prod. Rami Afuni)
    While the single to his upcoming album is taking a little longer to get done than expected Black ELement dropped me this older track to hold the fans over. Make sure you check amajorminority.com!
  • Black ELement – Folks Don’t Cost A Thing f. NAV (prod. Rami Afuni)
    Read above suckas!
  • Dru Hill – Get Loose
    Sisqo, Jazz, Nokio and new member Tao are back with a new joint that really has that 90’s R&B feel reminiscent of their previous efforts. But come on, nothing is touching Enter the Dru.
  • SeDrew Price – Hercules
    I made an intro post to SeDrew last week and got a few emails requesting more music. So here you go! If you’re in the Vegas area this upcoming weekend. Drew will be on stage alongside Joe Budden and Blu at the Beauty Bar!
  • ESSO – It Ain’t Hard to Tell (BlendMix) f. Nas
    is back ready to piss the world off again haha. Anti-Backpack had idiots complaining. The same thing has already started with this joint. Yes, a classic Nas verse is laid over a Jeezy beat. When I dropped this on DX I saw alot of hate for that reason, saying it’s ruining hip hop. But why? Doing stuff like this at times can be helpful. The generation now might not fuck with the dope Premo, Large Pro, Pete Rock beats. But they are in love with Jeezy, Weezy and T-Peezy so why not mix them both. Educate the youth who enjoy the synth beats and let them hear what real lyrics sound like. Go ESSO go!
  • KNONAM – I’m Back f. Royce Da 5’9″
    I’ve been fuckin with KNONAM (pronounced “no” “name”) for quite some time. He’s done tracks with a lot of my favorite artists, from Brother Ali to Eyedea. Repping MPLS, he’s dropping a new album on June16th. Check for it! And how can a Royce verse hurt anything? Ha!
  • Gemstones – G4 f. Lupe Fiasco [Unreleased]
    The homie Andrew dropped this awhile back and I am stupified on how I missed posting. Regardless, it’s always dope to hear unreleased gems from artists that I enjoy today. Especially Lupe who had a completely different sound back when. Good shit!
  • Cam’ron – My Aura [Radio Rip]
    I held off posting this as it was only a radio rip and I expected a CDQ to hit the net soon enough. Well it’s been a week dammit. So you can check this or don’t. I’ll post the better version when it drops of course.
  • Sophia Fresh – Super Bad f. T-Pain & Cee-Lo
    I’m not gonna lie, the ONLY reason I downloaded this song in the first place was for the Cee-Lo feature. No clue who Sophia Fresh is but after checkin their MySpace I might have to watch a little closer. I could see this song doing well on the radio and in the club. We’ll see.
  • Steve-O – Poke the Puss f. Kool G Rap
    Yes, it’s the Steve-O from Jackass. Yes, it’s the KGR. And yes, they are on a track together. I have no clue why. Steve-O also has a mixtape out now. Yikes.
  • SugaRush Beat Company – L.O.V.E.
    My man William shot this over to me awhile back and it’s very refreshing! Don’t sleep on this whatever you do. Especially if you’re getting tired of hip hop and need a break. He’s got another cut over at his DX blog.
  • Jae Millz – That Cash
    Mr. X shot me this track this morning. The first released record from Millz’ after his signing with Lil Wayne’s Young Money. I can dig it.
  • Immortal Technique – Reverse Pimpology f. Mojo
    Another track off Technique’s upcoming project with Green Lantern (which I might add is pretty dope). Can’t post nothing though. What you want me to do? I’m sorry!
  • Kurupt – Made U Look Freestyle
    The DPG emcee gets down over Nas’ classic. Enough said wow. Shouts to Daniel for sending this through!
  • Lyriciss – Blog Talk
    It’s no secret that I’m a self centered prick. Ok, I’m not. But it’s dope to hear your name/website dropped in a song. Be on the lookout for more music from this DMV emcee on 2DB soon! Shouts to Amanda as well, now give me some sugar (cookies).
  • Ja Rule – Love Me No More (rmx) f. D-Lyfe
    This track’s been out for a minute but I forgot to post so here you go. Stuart Little hopping on Jenny Jones’ Love Me No More.
  • Ja Rule – Press On f. Mary J Blige
    Same as above about not posting. This is the full version that features an extra Rule verse though.
  • Nikal Fieldz – Be a Racist
    Nikal records his own rendition of Nas’ latest. Ya’ll saw the video right?
  • Add-2 – Add’s Deconstruction Freestyle
    I really should be making this a seperate post (I still might). Chicago’s Add-2 goes to work over The Roots’ 75 Bars (Black’s Deconstruction). Wow!
  • 88-Keys – True Feelings
    Another gem off 88-Keys mysterious new album that’s executive produced by Kanye West. Damn I want this project now!
  • Crew54 – Ghetto is Our Home f. Donny Goines
    Not too familiar with Crew54 but they got Donny Goines for a guest spot so of course it’s getting a feature on 2DB. Yessir!
  • Red Cafe – Millionaire
    Another track that’s been out there for awhile, but whatever. Obie Jr. is very hit or miss with me.
  • Ayah – Problem Woman
    This Canadian songstress can sing. I posted a track she did with Skyzoo and here’s another. Both are off her new mixtape, available now!
  • B.G. – Ya Heard Me f. Lil Wayne, Juvenile & Trey Songz [Radio Rip]
    Another radio rip I was refusing to post since I figured a CDQ would drop soon. Nope, but this is the closest fans are gonna get to a Hot Boys reunion until they actually record the album (which I don’t expect to happen for awhile, if ever).
  • Al Be Back – Rest In Peace Pun
    I didn’t mean to leave this for the end, but it’s a great way to wrap up Side A of What’s in the Tapedeck v.18. Al Be Back pays homage to one of the best lyricists to ever pick up the m-i-c.

*If you want this in one file you’ll have to wait until tomorrow. Enjoy for now and be on the lookout for Side B soon enough!