Jermaine Dupri vs The Mixtape DJ

blame it on Shake June 12, 2008

Since I didn’t really cover the random shots from JD and Greg Street I figured I would drop a little post and wrap up the whole situation and leave it at that. It started after Wayne and his sippy cup and the whole fuck mixtape DJs rant. JD went onto say the DJ is dead. A lot of DJs keep quite during things like this and I don’t get it. Greg Street didn’t keep it on the hush hush though, as he released a video response. JD then sat in for Miss Info on Hot97 and addressed it. Stating that Greg Street can just shut up cause he has to catch up before he says anything about falling off (which I agree with). People in a position lower than another and talking shit on them falling off or their status makes no sense to me. RTNY also has some other clips of JD & DJ Envy. Dah well. That’s that, then NMC fam legend just shot me this Kay Slay ether’age of JD. Ouch. Alright, done. Feel free to talk about the issue at hand in the comment as I doubt I’ll be posting anything else on this unless JD catches a 2×4 to the dome piece while partyin in the A.