Note to Rappers…

blame it on Shake June 12, 2008

A Millie A Millie A Millie… is fuckin dead! Stop please! I swear this shit is getting out of hand has been out of hand for too long. I seriously don’t get it. Why would an artist even hop on this beat now? It makes no sense. What, you’re gonna be the best on this beat? Check the memo, no one cares anymore. I’m posting this just because I wanted to make my point and I wanted to kill Big Baby Wayne up there. From now on, unless Kanye West, Slug or some of the artists that I actually enjoy hop on this Bangladesh track I will not post it. So all the upcoming rappers, please stop sending your “I’m the hottest on this beat” attempt. I’m off to Subway… |

DOWNLOAD: Rain – A Millie Freestyle | Pitbull | Killa Kyleon | Sugar Tongue Slim
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*Sad thing is, we didn’t even post all the versions that came out. *sigh.