What’s in the Tapedeck v.18 (Side C)

blame it on Shake June 13, 2008

Still got another coming after this. I told ya’ll I had a bunch of tracks I needed to get off the HD and upload for the dopeboyz and dopegirlz out there! Of course, if you missed them… check Side A and Side B for some good music. Now onto this side, we have some joints from Lupe Fiasco & Gemstones, Naledge (Kidz in the Hall), Murda Mook, Lil Eazy E, Big Lou and Murphy Lee. Joell Ortiz & Novel team up again over Jeezy’s Put On. Big Wy & G Malone beg people to stop shooting, another Curren$y track, Ankh Amen Ra declares a state of emergency. Baby and his baby join All Star & Gotti for a track. J the S, Man-u-iLL, Khyrsis, Median, GT and 2ew Gunn Ciz show why the indie scene is where it’s at. Gage pops up with a new track with Nu Jerzey Devil. Of course there is some Styles P gutter’ness and Canibus continues his onslaught of lyricism. All that and more after the jump folks…

  • GT – Ambrosia
    My man GT has been shooting me constant heat and I’m afraid he’s going to continue to be slept on so he takes the top spot here. Check it or else.
  • 2ew Gunn Ciz – Alter Ego (prod. Zilla Rocca)
    I been dealing with 2ew Gunn for a little while, but after some face to face time [II] in Atlanta I really respect him. Dude’s music is good shit too, so it’s a double bonus.
  • Murphy Lee – My Shoes f. T-Pain
    With Nelly making a comeback with his new album dropping soon, Murph Derrty decided to record a few tracks. This time with a T-Pain assisted joint about his shoes. Go figure.
  • Ankh Amen Ra – State of Emergency (prod. Tru-Mental)
    Ankh continues to get my respect with these types of joints. I really like dudes message. Pretty dope production from Tru-Mental. Just goes to show how good international producers really are. He’s repping Germany if you didn’t know.
  • Styles P & Gillie Da Kid – Cannon
    Just a mixtape freestyle between The Ghost and the king of Philly.
  • Styles P – The Game f. Large Amounts
    Pretty sure this was off a mixtape a little while back but it was sitting on my HD so why not upload it. I figure atleast one or two dopeboyz or dopegirlz don’t have it.
  • Vic Damone – Straight Outta Southsidex
    Vic D takes his turn over G-Units latest xrelease. I must admit I do enjoy the G-Unit version (aside from that terrible thing thats not Curtis or Banks). Shouts to DJ On Point for this.
  • Murda Mook – Money Ave (prod. WMS)
    I remember when Mook battled Millz and got molly whopped verbally. I went on to think dude was garbage until I grabbed a tape of his, realized he had some talent but will forever be stuck in that battle emcee category. Big shouts to WMS on the production for this though
  • Khrysis – Get a Clue f. Median & A.C.
    You can’t go wrong with Median over some Khrysis production. You just can’t. The funny thing about this track when I got it… two people sent it and they had the exact same message to go along with the link “straight from the man himself” haha.
  • Man-u-iLL – Fresh Out
    Every so often I like to sprinkle a little Man-u-iLL goodness on the tapedeck series. This time around the Connecticut emcee gets over Jeezy’s Go Crazy.
  • Man-u-iLL – Dear Diary
    Hell, why not a double dosage of dude’s music? This time over a little more current instrumental in Joe Budden’s Dear Diary.
  • Lil Eazy E – What We’re Claimin’ (prod. DJ Toomp)
    This track has been out for just under a month but I never got around to posting (what’s new?). So here is the DJ Toomp produced single from Eazy E’s son off his upcoming album, Prince of Compton.
  • J the S – Whispers in the Dark
    Here goes a dope cut off J the S‘ recent project, When In Rome…. Artwork was done by Shake so you know it’s the hot’ness.
  • Canibus – Pine Cone Poems pt.2
    How on Earth do you name a song Pine Cone Poems? Let alone, do it twice? Ha, whatever though. This is another un-mastered track off his upcmoing C of Tranquility project.
  • Novel & Joell Ortiz – Put On Freestyle
    These two make a good little duo on record, taking their oppurtunity to get on Jeezy’s Put On. I still stand by my Kanye did thee best. Still no reason to not check this out. I mean it’s not like 30+ rappers attempted to freestyle on it. I mean what beat would anyone choose to do that with? SMH.
  • Hot Stylz – Lookin Boy (rmx) f. Yung Joc & R. Kelly
    That guy that says it’s going down and the guy that has little girls go down (while he pisses on their dome) jump on the remix of Hot Stylz latest joint.
  • Big Wy – Please Don’t Shoot f. Papa Smurf & G Malone
    I shoud’ve posted this when it came through because it’s speaking on some real shit. A tribute to 19-year-old Michael Byoune. Who was gunned down mistakenly by police bitches with badges in Inglewood on May 11th.
  • All Star & Gotti – Goose f. Lil Wayne & Birdman
    I don’t even know what to say about this track so I’ll just talk about Grey Goose for a second… I enjoy it with cranberry.
  • Gage – Psycho f. Young Blake & Nu Jerzey Devil
    It’s been awhile since Gage appeared on anything. I know he had a decent following saying they really enjoyed his music. *shrugs. I know sermon wanted this so he should be happy. That’s all.
  • Big Lou – Holiday Change
    Big Lou drops yet another hot track. Be on the lookout for an upcoming project with Crooked I. Speaking of Crook, tomorrow (Friday) I’ll be dropping a banger!
  • Balance – I’m Good f. Yukmouth
    New track off Balance upcoming Unsigned Legend mixtape with DJ Nik Bean & DJ Rah2k. The tape should be pretty good considering it features The Game , Crooked I, Clyde Carson, Yukmouth (of course), Problem and some more Cali heads.
  • Naledge – Lose Your Mind (rmx) f. Fooch
    A dope new remix courtesy of Andrew. Who else? I mean, if it’s Chicago, it’s coming from FSD haha.
  • Fooch – Wind Blows f. Naledge (Unreleased)
    Ok, someone should give Andrew a medal for all these gems he keeps uplifting. Here’s another Naledge & Fooch collaboration for ya’ll.
  • Lupe Fiasco – Gangsta Groove f. Gemini (prod. Boogz)
    unreleased track courtesy of Andrew. Didn’t I tell you above? Yea, Lu on his gangsta shit is always entertaining. Especially seeing him now. Hopefully that Gemstones mixtape will be dropping soon!
  • Curren$y – Jets
    Let’s wrap this Side up with another track from the hot spitta, courtesy of OS. This isn’t on his recent Fear & Loathing in New Orleans mixtape.