Phonte Presents: An AIM Convo Between Al Gore & Bill Clinton

blame it on Shake June 18, 2008

Words really can’t describe what goes on in the hilarious mind of Phontigallo. The man is on another planet with some of the shit he thinks up I swear. This is all based off his latest blog entry where he depicts what an AIM conversation between Al Gore & Bill Clinton would have went like while Hillary was still in the race. I mean just check this snippet then head to his blog for the rest. What up ‘te!? Too good to comment? Haha…

slickwillie46: you there, nigga?
inconvenient truthiness: yeah, just wiping down this Oscar….what’s good tho..
slickwillie46: you know, I still aint forgave yo punk ass for sellin me out during that Lewinsky shit….
inconvenient truthiness: I know, fam…my bad….they was gon try to take me down with you so i had to distance myself, its nothing personal….was the head worth it tho?
slickwillie46: who, monica? sheeeit…..that groundhog lookin heffa chugs it like no other….but that ain’t why I’m hittin you up.