Ice-T vs Soulja Boy (Video)

blame it on Shake June 24, 2008


Truthfully I didn’t think this beef would’ve went this far so I held off on posting the hilarity that has been going on and I apologize! The above video is from Broken Equipment Productions. LMAO @ Crank Dat Ice-T. He did NOT just bust that out!? Haha. If you haven’t been lucky enough to follow this I’ll give you the Shake rundown. Ice-T told Soulja Boy to eat a dick. No reason for it in Shake’s opinion. His music might suck but dude is 17 years old! Who cares what he is doing!? Soulja Boy agrees as he comes back with his own message calling Ice-T old and stating what I said amongst others. SB has a few points. i don’t care for his music but his story is one I respect. Came from nothing to what he is, based off his own moves in the game. Kanye West votes Soulja Boy. Now Ice-T apologizes for the eat a dick comment but still says the music is garbage. Agreed.