The Last Emperor – Secret Wars x Do You Remember?

blame it on Shake June 24, 2008


Before I head out to watch comedy (Carrell) and cute (Hathaway) starring in Get Smart. I wanted to drop a song on ya’ll that I’m pretty sure a lot of people have slept on over the years. And it’s quite creative and dope. Last Emp puts together an imaginary tale of comic book characters put up against raw lyrics. Redman vs Hulk, Storm vs Lauryn Hill, Method Man vs Wolverine, etc. And just because, I included a clip from And1 v2 that had another dope track from the Emp, Do You Remember?. I sure remember when the first And1 tape dropped on VHS. I grabbed that shit and ran home to watch on my 13inch tube ha.

DOWNLOAD: The Last Emperor – Secret Wars