Nas’ Conference Call Outtakes

blame it on Meka July 11, 2008

Ryan Murphy over at King Magazine sent me a few leftovers from Nas’ conference call that went down earlier this week, where he goes in on Prodigy and his business acumen. Check it out under the jump. UPDATE: I added audio of the conference call in its entirety.

King: I ran into Prodigy last week and asked him, “What should I ask Nas?” He said, “Ask him, ‘What happened backstage at the Central Park show in 2004.’”
Nas: Man, that was some classic Mobb Deep shit. They was rumbling.

He thinks you set him up. [Author’s Note: There was a fight backstage between Mobb Deep and people who Prodigy believes were members of Nas’ entourage.]
I did hear that. Nah, I would never do that to him. I spoke out against it, but I was really happy to see 50 embrace them. I thought that was G because that’s something that doesn’t happen from the
higher ups. All these big companies, they don’t care about us. They don’t care about the talented ones that aren’t given a fair shot and I thought it was a good move on 50’s part to give them a deal. Those
guys made real music, man. Those guys have a strong movement that people can’t ignore, period. We had our differences, which was really just hyped up bullshit. I wish everything for Prodigy. They caught a
lot of bad breaks. I just wish the best for him. I wish he didn’t have to do this time. And I would love to see them come back again. I would be the first person in the record store buying a Mobb album. I want to
see them give it to us however many more times.

Because your artists have never sold records and because you don’t own a Roc-A-Wear or a Sean John, people have said that you are a bad businessman…
I don’t know how to break it down for people. All that glitters is not gold. Everybody don’t always show their gold. The ones who are doing tons of business, may they be successful and let them flaunt it and
stunt with it and do all of that stuff. That’s great for them. All I did was put niggas into this paper. I’ve had cats come to me like, “I got a $100 million brand and I want to do dah-dah-dah-dah,” and I’m just seeing followers. Everybody wants to do clothes and sneakers, that’s fine. A lot of people want me to do it as well. I don’t have any room for it. There’s been offers. I’ll take a check here and there, see if it works, cool. [Long pause] You don’t get to be Nas being a bad businessman, dog. I see people showing that they got
money. It looks like they got money. I don’t know if they got money. I know what Nas got. Nas is good. I don’t know what guys are doing. I wish everybody the best. I don’t really have time in my life. I don’t want it. I don’t want it, man.

DOWNLOAD: Nas – Def Jam Conference Call