Vibe’s 15th Anniversary Juice Issue Covers (Official)

blame it on Shake August 7, 2008

The final covers for VIBE’s 15th Anniversary Juice Issue are in. I guess they answered what most of ya’ll wanted when we put up the contest. Hov! Hit the jump. Also, Sickamore has the actual issue and is live blogging it.

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Jay-Z on Lil Wayne: “You should embrace the next generation…I think he’s really a fan of mine. I think he really loves the sh-t that I’ve done…The public has him in line next, and for me to say he’s not in line next would be foolish.”

Jay-Z on supporting Senator Barack Obama: “What [Obama] represents is, we as a people are part of the American Dream…We were left out of the dream at a certain point. Now the dream is, you can be anything – and it’s not cliché.”

There will also be an extensive sonography, compiled by Vibe music editor Sean Fennessey, of Jay’s entire catalog of over 470 songs. Dope!