Random Acts of Fuckery: Bow Wow Freestyle Edition

blame it on Shake August 9, 2008


Before we get into this… there weren’t any updates as Meka was at Rock the Bells all day while Shake was running on his 24 hour drinking binge that started with Nas tearing the roof off! Patron x pineapple is the business! Shouts to King, D & Chanel for showing Shake a great time! Now onto the RAoF of the night. Bow Wow just put up a freestyle off his upcoming mixtape. That alone should be enough to get the award. I know I know. Hi hater. Fuck it. Check the video for such hot lines like:

  • Keri Hilson, we can kick it like a soccer game
  • Girls see me and like Planters, they go nuts
  • Strip club like Seattle, you know I’ma make it rain
  • I’m the truth like Sigel and oh by the way I’m fly like the Eagles (Get It?)

The dude has the nerve to throw the get it adlib to that line? Nooooo, we don’t get it. You’re metaphors and similies are flying past our heads at a rapid pace. And since I enjoy displaying Lil Bow Wow taking an L so much, hit the jump for some basketball action…