El Prez- RADIO (The Clear Channel) f. the Cheap$kate$

blame it on Shake August 15, 2008

Inglewood’s El Prez continues his TGIF series (leading up to the release of upcoming digi-album, The Daily Show). What say you Prez!?

Back in the day the radio was a vessel of the community that served the needs and tastes of its listeners, which meant you weren’t hearing the same 10 songs played in NY that you would hear in LA, or Omaha, or Atlanta. Compare that to the stations of today, who are so disconnected from the communities they used to ‘serve’ that you can turn on the radio in Los Angeles and think you are in the South because of the lack of homegrown artists getting played.

I’m a politician that’s all about reform, and its about time somebody speaks up again about these issues, cause it’s killing the culture. So Power 106, Hot 97, Emmis Communications and Clear Channel, this verbal Middle finger goes out to you ha!El Prez

DOWNLOAD: El Prez – RADIO (The Clear Channel) f. the Cheap$kate$ (prod. Dale Danja)