Mek Dot x Hell Rell

blame it on Meka August 15, 2008

So aside from working with my Vegas brother from another mother on this site, scribing for other publications and trying to find life’s meaning through my blog, my latest interview with the Dip Set’s own Ruger Rell is up at the Japanese internment camp. In my opinion I think it makes for a good read, but I’m just egotistical like that. Here’s an excerpt:

DX: In part four of your “Ruga Stories” you referred to yourself as a “walking filet mignon.” How could the average Joe get to that level where they too can be considered one?
Hell Rell:
[Laughs] I mean, you might have to acquire a couple different-colored pieces of jewelry. [Laughs] I mean, when you’re a walking filet mignon you gotta have something on you that’s expensive, so where as when you go to the Bahamas or a third world country they tell you not to wear your jewelry otherwise the natives will chop your head off for it. You’re a walking filet mignon the minute you step into a third world country.

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