Black ELement – Ride It Out (Missing ELements #1)

blame it on Shake August 18, 2008

While Black ELement readies the release of his album, A Major Minority, he wants to keep his name ringing and has decided to drop a new non-album joint every Monday, Wednesday & Friday up until the September 18th release date. With that said, let’s jump into the first track. Black what say you?

Whenever an animal is backed into a corner or it’s life is threatened, we have the instinct to fight back. The instinct is to survive and with war plaguing  our nation over the last 40+’s years with pointless conflicts we as a people finally begin to seek for change. From generation to generation, though the technology of the weapons has changed the result and heartache stays the same. Families having loved ones fighting for a guy whose a million miles away, just so his son’s trust fund can get a little bigger. War no matter the time, it effects us the same way until we can’t take it anymore, until we ride out!Black ELement

DOWNLOAD: Black ELement – Ride It Out (prod. Rami Afuni)