GZA – Pro Tools (Shake-N-Bake Edition)

blame it on Shake August 18, 2008

What on earth could a Shake-N-Bake Edition mean? Well it’s a partnership myself and DJ Slimm have been fucking with for awhile. I’m Shake and he’s always Baked so it works out haha. You may have noticed the Talledega Nights sample in the Blu x Mainframe joint I dropped. Be on the lookout for a lot of projects between us soon enough. Starting with this… Slimm went in and put his own twist on the GZA album. The original tracks are there, you just get them in a podcast type formula with some dope mixing and a nice reorder of tracks, etc. Check it out and let us know what you think or what albums you would like done up! Also, be sure to cop Pro Tools in stores tomorrow!

DOWNLOAD: GZA – Pro Tools (Shake-N-Bake Edition)