Chamillionaire – Internet Nerds Revenge

blame it on Shake August 25, 2008

One last track from Chamillionaire until the release of Mixtape Messiah 4, which drops this Wednesday! Here’s what he had to say to MTV about the song…

“Internet Nerd’s Revenge.” “The online thing is real big right now,” Cham said. “Even though I’m dropping this in the streets … I see rappers online, and it matters what’s said online. You go to MTVNews.com and see what they saying on Mixtape Monday. Fans complain about everything. They complain about Weezy when he does right, when he do wrong. Same thing with Kanye and everybody. Me and my boys went to all these Web sites, and we took a whole list of everything everybody said bad about Chamillionaire. I did a rap like I’m the person sitting at the computer typing and saying bad stuff about Chamilllionaire. It’s some little kid that’s on the Internet. He’s young; he’s getting all this stuff he’s saying about me. His mother comes in and asks him, ‘Did you take your medication? Are you on those porno sites again?’ I’m rapping like I’m him in his voice.” – Chamillionaire

DOWNLOAD: Chamillionaire – Internet Nerds Revenge