2DopeBoyz x BK Cyph – NSC: The Series ep.11

blame it on Meka August 29, 2008

Episode 11 “(2)Extacy”

What would a hip-hop drama be without a love scene? This week over RL’s original score, Jorge comes to grips with the fact that his best friend Stacks just may be playing him. Last week they were jacked for their bricks by a pair of dirty cops and while Jorge is still trying to work the angles and figure out what went wrong, he can’t get Isabel off of his mind. But is Isabel just a jump-off or is her connection to Jorge deeper than we think? I hope you guys have been listening, it may seem like we slowed down a bit, but there is a ton of shit going on if you pay attention. You’ll thank me in the end! Shouts to Andre Pitt and the homie Ones for the great flick!Cyph

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