No More Re-Up Gang?

blame it on Shake September 9, 2008

Well this isn’t a great way to end the day now is it? We threw up some news over at the plantation where Sandman basically says he’s done with the Re-Up Gang after the fuckery that went down with the official album. Ab Liva is still runnin’ with the Clipse but it just won’t be the same imo.

We gave y’all three critically-acclaimed mixtapes just to give y’all this toilet bowl-ass album and their video. To me, it’s unjust. The fans are onto it now too, ‘Damn, that’s it for the Re-Up?’ Cause now all you hear about is [The Clipse’ forthcoming album] ‘Til The Casket Drops’. The Re-Up Gang has been phased out; I guess I was just supposed to play along. I’m not no fuckin’ nut! – Sandman

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