GATOR$-n-FUR$ Mixshow (Sept. 2008: DRY SPELL!)

blame it on Meka September 11, 2008

This may be the last one until December, so don’t sleep!

Unless you have no standards or you’re famous, you’ve been there. Stop lying. The cylinders just ain’t clickin’ ladies & gentlemen. That best of Sade CD (or nowadays your “midnight passion” play list on the ipod) ain’t been used in forever.  Your hormones have you running through every number in your cel and emailing every loose strand you ever messed with (or never got a chance to mess with). Some people even go as far as to call up that ex fit for a Jerry Springer episode. Nightclubs are dead. So you join eharmony and after spending 3 hours filling out a profile, you’re hit with a $20 per month fee to hook up with some hog named Ethel or some clown with 2 of his teeth left (and both are molars). It happens to the best of us, join the club. How do you shake a dry spell?

DOWNLOAD: GATOR$-n-FUR$ Mixshow (Sept. 2008: DRY SPELL!)