Random Acts of Fuckery: Auction the “Big V” Edition

blame it on Shake September 12, 2008

So this story broke a few days ago and I’m sure some of ya’ll have heard of it. Apparently the chick above (known to us as Natalie Dylan) is auctioning off her virginity. Smh, on top of that this prostitute-in-training has the vah jay jay to come out and say that she is looking for intelligence and an overall nice person. Yeah-fuckin-right. You want a check. And a way to get your face out in the public eye. The losing of the virginity will go down at the infamous LEGAL brothel here in Nevada, the Bunny Ranch. What do you guys say… should Shake take his Flip Mino on a journey for some behind the scenes action?

SIDEBAR: If I ever meet the douche bag that pays for this (as the bid is around 275k right now) I will drop kick him without hesitation.