Shake Diaries: My Best Friend

blame it on Shake September 18, 2008

I remember when I was in first grade, being in a hospital bed for a week or so with IVs in my arms and a mask over my face pumping oxygen into my lungs; reading cards from my class mates wishing me well and hoping I got better. I had a severe asthma attack and was fighting for my life. Flash foward to last night after a pretty fun night out with a few of my childhood friends I got home and realized that I had misplaced my inhaler. I don’t know about others with chronic asthma but whenever that occurs I immediately start to get anxiety which then proceeds to put me in a constant state of stress and worry. I combed through the house looking for the little puffer. Lucky enough I had a little bit to drink earlier so I was able to pass out.

I wake up to my lungs feeling like they went a few rounds with Tyson. Doing everything I could to stay calm and breathe normally while I waited for my moms to bring me a new inhaler that I ordered. As the time went by I got worse and was really worried to be honest. For those that don’t have this disease, imagine you are under water holding your breathe and your trying to beat your friends time or something and you stay under until your chest begins to cave in and your throat tightens, etc. Now take that moment in time and keep it going for a few hours except with each huge breathe you get a little bit of air to keep you going. I now have my puff puff never pass and have since been breathing better (although my chest is still sore from the strain). Not sure why I’m even typing all this. I guess it’s like I’ve felt we’ve got a little fam going on here and I should update you on my life at times. Especially when I haven’t posted anything since last night haha. I’ve had my shit under control for most of my life and it’s been one of my biggest worries with my little brother. Hoping that he doesn’t have it (so far we’re 10 years deep and he doesn’t). I’ve never confronted the people involved in me actually getting this and I’m not sure if I ever will. I don’t think me blaming them will help anything to be honest. I just wish they made better decisions while I was in the devoloping in the womb stage. Anyways ya’ll, I’m back so get ready for good music, etc. Shouts to Meka for holding it down.