Torae x 2DopeBoyz (Switch Remix Finalists!)

blame it on Shake September 22, 2008

So we we’re supposed to do this last week and I take full blame for the delay. But here goes our (Torae x 2DopeBoyz) top five submissions for ya’ll to listen to. As Tor will reassure…

Man oh man, 1st off I’d like to thank EVERYONE that got involved with the “Switch Remix Contest”. It was definitely dope hearing every one’s twist on the joint. Some were very, very creative, some weren’t creative enough but I enjoyed them all for different reasons. I didn’t think the contest would be as big as it was there were many entries from all over the world. I got submissions from Denmark, Africa, France, Amsterdam, Holland, of course New York (someone actually brought me a CD out to the show), Slovakia & many, many more. So again I’d like to thank each of the contestants for their time, energy & effort. Unfortunately there can only be one added to the single so without further ado here are the top 5 that were decided on by 2DB’z & I. If you’re not on this list I still have every one’s email address & I’d like to chop it up with a lot of you to possibly work in the future. I heard some beats that didn’t fit “Switch” but would be dope to write to so I’ll be in touch. Thanks again for being involved I had a blast with this. Peace & love…

DOWNLOAD: Astronote | NR | Exceptionalist | Lyve | Small Professor

So here we go… the finalists are here. So we are asking the dopeboyz and dopegirlz out there to listen and leave some feedback. Which are you feeling, etc? We’ll announce the winner soon (I’m not giving a date haha).