XV – 40 Days, 40 Nights (Day/Night 5-7)

blame it on Shake September 22, 2008

I knew once this series started the weekend would prove the hardest to keep up with. So here goes XV’s days 6-7 for his 40 Days, 40 Nights run. I’m telling ya’ll. TheCoolniverse will stay up on it far better than I can. But I’ll try my best haha. Also, for those that tried to keep up but got lost, KNOWxONE provided us with the first weeks worth of leaks in a handy .zip file. Yeppers.

DOWNLOAD: 2 Minutes 2 Far [Day 5] Robot Kid [Night 5]
DOWNLOAD: Second Childhood [Day 6] You Know What (rmx) [Night 6]
DOWNLOAD: A Royal Flush [Day 7] City of Dreams [Night 7]