BK Cyph – Sensitivity f. Ralph Tresvant (Prod. By RL)

blame it on Meka October 1, 2008

As an MC on the come-up I endure a lot. There is a lot of negativity and rejection; a lot of doors get closed in your face. But when you strive to be great that just comes with the territory, it’s all good and I’ve never run from a fight. It just baffles me when some of our more established artists get on some super-emo shit! Over the past year we have seen some real sensitive-ass behavior from some of our most beloved MCs. So my man RL sampled Ralph Tresvant (’cause I’m a big New Edition fan) and we cooked up this new single off of NSC2: Rhymes R Ez, Life is Hard. Enjoy!

BTW I’m also planning a BK Heartbreak mixtape so don’t bite!- NE had HITS!!!

DOWNLOAD: BK Cyph – Sensitivity f. Ralph Tresvant (Prod. By RL)