Sage Francis – Conspiracy to Riot

blame it on Shake October 1, 2008

One more post before I take a break and get some food and whatnot. It’s been awhile since I’ve heard from Sage and I’m glad he released something new. In my opinion dude is one of the most talented writers to ever pic up a microphone. His ability to put a strangle hold on the English language and manipulate it to his advantage is second to very few. Recorded in honor of his friend Jared Paul who was arrested during the first day of the National Republican Convention whose now in a legal battle with the St. Paul, MN court system (along with hundreds of others who we’re arrested by the overzealous police force). In order to help JP out with legal expenses, the Conspiracy to Riot website was created for people to listen to the song, donate and learn more about the unjust events that went down.

DOWNLOAD: Sage Francis – Conspiracy to Riot | MediaFire