ESSO – Thinking Out Loud V

blame it on Meka October 2, 2008

ESSO was dope enough to bless us with the lyrics for his latest edition of Thinking Out Loud. Check it out under the cut.

DOWNLOAD: ESSO – Thinking Out Loud pt. 5

its way harder to be simple than be complex
but way easier to mistake the concept
its so easy for me to think beyond this
16 bar verse structure I’m confined in

like why should history tell me how to rhyme and…
I’ve learned from it now lets usher new times in
cuz no one ever made history looking back
you gotta be what they gon be lookin back at

so go ahead and say fuck me if you must
its a way bigger plan in store my G trust
life’s about more than In God We Trust’s
I’m tryina leave a legacy and leave my seeds wit trusts

like “Fuck whats wrong with black trust fund babies”
who go to prep schools with education as a safety net
u think niggas aint partyin at Harvard
they prolly party more at Harvard than at Howard

but we get the bad rap just because we blast rap
and rather leave our lives to the riskiest chances
how many niggas that ball ever get paid to
now ask how much law school could have made you

corporate mergers and acquisitions
who the fuck you think buying all them basketball tickets?
I aint tryina kick knowledgte I jus hope a nigga listen
cuz that same nigga might be the only one who gets it

and on the off chance that it change his life
then my job here is done and I can say goodnight
to the nightmares of failure and dreams of success
cuz the nightmares inspire me to be among the best

the dreams just a tease of what im tryin to see
but I wont let you in on em, No Martin Luther King
a lil more malcolm any means necessary
black history in the making and it aint february

well spoken shoulda been named vocabulary
but it aint too gangsta to express yourself clearly
plus its way more fun to be way more vague
so I add a cliche nahmean, ya nahmsayin?

the funny thing is it’s cliche to be cliche
catch that the next time this Mp3 play